Benefits of VoIP telephone systems

Do you need a new telephone system?

Are you relocating your office?

Do you want to keep your phone numbers?

Is your system contract due for renewal?

Do you want to offer home-working?

Do you want to reduce business costs?


The many benefits of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) make it the ideal telephone system solution for your business:

  1. VoIP systems give your business high-tech’ features, at low on-going costs.
  2. VoIP technology can integrate with company IT processes to make them work better for your business.
  3. VoIP technology offers better reliability than ‘traditional’ digital & ISDN-systems due to the many different ways calls can get to and from the public telephone & mobile networks.
  4. VoIP offers more ways to connect you with your customers while in and out of your office, via; analogue, ISDN, Internet, Skype and mobile services.
  5. VoIP offers low cost of ownership and swift Return On Investment, thereby protecting your business.
  6. VoIP is easy to move, change, expand or shrink, with no hardware changes required at the server – making it fast, easy and cheap to re-structure your business.
  7. Calls between home and branch-offices within a multi-site business are free – reducing your internal call costs to zero!
  8. VoIP allows you to have phone numbers using any UK area code – so you can present your business to its target markets, no matter where you are based.
  9. VoIP enables you to take phone numbers and area codes with you when you move! No more hassles about not being able to move your numbers, having to divert your calls and needing to mail-drop all of your customers!
  10. VoIP offers dramatic reductions in line charges and call tariffs, through use of SIP, Internet and mobile gateways.
  11. VoIP gives your staff valuable tools to make it easier to keep in touch with customers, suppliers and partners.
  12. VoIP provides unparalleled Disaster Recovery features, enabling you to restore your business comm’s very quickly in the event of natural, or unnatural disasters, that force you to relocate.

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