Reducing business costs using VoIP

We know you want to:

Deploy your staff flexibly & give them home-work options.

Use your phone system to enhance your business.

Reduce on-going costs of; lines, calls and maintenance.

Make it easy to contact staff and customers.

Modern telephone systems provide your business with cost-effective, feature-rich & flexible ways to ensure that you can keep in contact with staff, customers and suppliers efficiently and easily. We can configure your 3CX or Yeastar S-Series IP-PBX to work with your business – rather than having your business processes driven by an inflexible phone system!

The install cost of a modern VoIP phone system will be similar to that of a legacy digital PBX – when installed properly with voice quality and system reliability in mind! However, when quality VoIP systems are installed, it is the ongoing [operational] costs of lines, calls and support that are reduced considerably

Here are seven ways our VoIP telephone systems can reduce your costs compared to legacy digital phone systems:

  1. You pay nothing to install additional lines – just £0.00 (yes that’s zero £’s!), for e.g. a pair of SIP trunks, instead of up to £249* for a similar ISDN2e service. Save even more compared to; multiple lines, ISDN2e, or ISDN30 channels (and you’ll have them within a few hours!).
  2. You pay less for line rental – £2 to £3 rather than £14* per channel, per month (with no added charges for Caller ID & DDI facilities).
  3. You pay less for calls – local and UK calls @ 1p per minute … & highly competitive International tariffs.
  4. You pay less for calls to mobiles – with low tariffs or a ‘GSM mobile gateway’.
  5. You pay nothing for calls to your home & branch offices – that’s right, zero-cost internal calls irrespective of how widely your offices are spread!
  6. You pay less for moves and changes (even if you are moving your business) – where there is a data socket & Internet, just plug-in & call! – and – Keep your phone numbers when you move so that your customers don’t loose contact!
  7. You pay less for system enhancements – remote extensions, call recording, call reporting, call queuing, auto-attendant, voice-mail for every extension, custom message/music on hold, integration with Outlook & CRM packages, iOS & Android integration – plus more. All are included with 3CX & Yeastar as standard features – only needing minor configuration to fit your business.

The following graphs show comparison in annual spend on four BT ISDN2e lines (i.e. 8 channels) compared to annual spend on the equivalent eight SIP Trunk channels. The left-hand graph includes initial Service connection costs for both while the right shows costs in subsequent years (ISDN2e shown as a blue line, and SIP shown as red).
*Pricing is based on BT’s ISDN2e ‘Start Up’ package and 12 month contracts.



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