VigorBX 2000 – Compact but powerful telecoms for SME’s

Essential telephone features for Small to Medium Enterprises







Foxhall Solutions have a long association with DrayTek. We have installed their DSL Router products since 1997. Foxhall are a DrayTek Authorised Dealer – accredited to plan, deploy & support their; Router, WiFi, network switching and VoIP telephone systems. Foxhall’s IP-PBX system of choice for small to medium companies requiring powerful, yet low-cost and feature-rich telecom’s on analogue, and SIP Trunk lines – is the Draytek VigorBX 2000. An IP-PBX is a Private Branch eXchange (telephone system), which uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to connect its phone users.

Foxhall has the partners, skills and experience to do all that’s involved in setting up or transferring lines and numbers associated with your new phone system, without you needing to spend time listening to music-on-hold, waiting to talk to your current telecom’s service provider. Let us take that hassle off your ‘To-do’ list!

VigorBX 2000 is a powerful & compact solution, unique in that it not only supports up to 50 extension telephones & terminates analogue, and VoIP SIP trunks – but it’s also an ADSL/VDSL Enterprise grade dual-band wireless router with comprehensive Firewall and security features, as well as VPN facilities for access by remote workers.  Not only does VigorBX 2000 form the core of your telecoms structure, but it’s also a major part of your IT system too … True integrated ‘Information Communications Technology‘ (ICT).

Play this short presentation to see how flexible this ‘New Wave‘ technology is …


BX2000 includes many features and facilities as standard, that you would need to add-on to other systems as either proprietary or 3rd -party hardware or software solutions. Some examples of this are; analogue (FXO) line ports for fall-back phone lines, and an analogue FXS extension port (for fax or credit card machine) – and – with IVR (Auto-attendant), enhanced voice-mail, and call reporting as standard features, you really can accommodate most business needs. Foxhall install Yealink phones along with VigorBX 2000, providing powerful, and easy to use business handsets. A full list of features provided by the Draytek VigorBX 2000 system is available here

VigorBX 2000 offers numerous benefits to businesses:

  1. Installation of a new IPPBX system may use cost-effective SIP Trunk channels delivered in a broadband service, or where DSL connectivity is not yet good or fast enough, two ADSL broadband services may be used – with one carrying VoIP exclusively and the other accessing Internet & e-mail etc.
  2. The IPPBX is a major component, forming the core of your ICT systems – thereby making it more cost effective when setting up both telecom’s & IT.
  3. Management tools allow call-flow to be designed to meet business needs – both inside and outside of scheduled business hours.
  4. It’s less expensive to purchase and expand VigorBX 2000, than a proprietary digital or analogue phone system (PABX).
  5. VigorBX 2000 improves productivity with integrated & easy to use tools – making it possible for your customers to keep in touch no matter where you are.
  6. Phones use your existing cabled (or wireless) computer network, making moves & changes cheap, quick and easy!
  7. Many existing PBX add-on’s (e.g. Door Access control), can be integrated with VigorBX 2000 using Gateways & Terminal Adapters.
  8. Simple installation of remote extensions make it cheap and easy to set up home-working and branch offices. Inter-office calls are then free!
  9. Staff may choose an easy to use desk-phone, and/or a software phone app’ on their PC or laptop.
  10. Businesses can reduce line and call costs significantly, using SIP trunks, and VoIP providers – coupled with highly competitive Least-Cost-Routing.
  11. VigorBX 2000’s network architecture enables fast & easy Moves, Additions, Deletions & Changes for flexibility in your business.

Contact Foxhall Solutions for a free consultation to find out how Draytek’s VigorBX 2000 can reduce your costs and change your business …


DrayTek-dealer-logoThe VigorBX 2000 is an IP-PBX integrated with DrayTek’s fully-featured Vigor 2860 xDSL Router. The VigorBX 2000 offers a complete replacement to the traditional office phone system and analogue or ISDN lines. An IP-PBX uses your existing network and the Internet to provide company-wide telephony, using VoIP technology instead of regular phone lines or a traditional PBX. The VigorBX 2000 replaces Draytek’s ‘V2820 IPPBX’ model.

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